A family story
-about five siblings from Murtorpet
by Signild Håkansson

One hundred years ago and more
Carl August sailed from Swedish shore
He left his fam’ly home behind
America was on his mind

He settled in Dakota land
but wished he had a helping hand
He wrote a letter to his home
Come brother Axel, here is room

And Axel came but not for long
in just one year something went wrong
Yes, Life is given us as loan
in Langford Graveyard stands his stone
Sleep brother dear and take your rest
God called you home, he thought it best

Their widowed father back at home
so wished to see his Axel´s tomb
He travelled with his youngest two
who hoped to make their dreams come true

Well, father Johan did not stay
in three years he was on his way
to Murtorpet where he would spend
his lasting years until the end

But Frieda found her future there
where prairie winds blew through her hair
She chose a Swede to be her man
and raised a family with Sven                   


What was her brother Malcolm´s fate
We don’t know yet, we have to wait
He had his problem, could not hear
a fever once had struck his ear

In Sweden Adolf spent his life
with children and Sofie his wife
Where he with brothers once had played
he was the only one that stayed

His grandchild Rut had heard them say
that Adolf’s brothers went away
to North America somewhere
No one could tell what happened there

Until one special day last year
when by coincidence we hear
that from US will come a group
and right away she starts to hope

And what she hoped was really true
We had a happy meeting too
The contact that was lost some days
was now renewed in many ways

It was a very special year
that gave us new found cousins dear
much knowledge of our common past
and friendship that will ever last

Now when this verse has come to end
we many thankful thoughts will send
to destiny that let us know
of fam'ly ties from long ago